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Emmanuel Tsekleves Emmanuel Tsekleves
Lecturer (Brunel University)
"A truly excellent network for getting up-to-date with the latest developments in UX and meeting UX experts from all fields of industrial and academic world."
Alison Black Alison Black
Alison Black Research and Consultancy
"A great idea bringing together people from a range of backgrounds in a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you for this!"
Ifraz Mughal Ifraz Mughal
User Experience Strategist (i-Crossing UK)
"Use8 is a great community of professionals who live and breathe UX. Good work! Keep it up!"
Paula Byrne Paula Byrne
Managing Director (Pushbutton)
"Great to share different perspectives on topics we all deal with everyday"
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There are no upcoming events.
What Is Interaction? Are There Diffrent Types?
When we discuss computer-human interaction and design for interaction,do we agree on the meaning of the term “interactionâ€? Has the subjectbeen fully explored? Is the definition settled? [+]
Mind the Gap
Digital animation and user interface (UI) designers owe a debt ofgratitude to a horse bet. The year was 1872, and Stanford Universitywagered against a former governor of California that a gallopingthoroughbred would actually push off the ground and soar through theair â€?almost leaping forward â€?while it carried a rider. “Unsupportedtransitâ€?is what they called it. Most people, including LelandStanford, the former governor, racehorse owner, and as it turns out,founder of his namesake university, thought this was pure fantasy. Howcould a beast as large and fast as a horse not have at least one hoofon the ground at all times? [+]
The Art of Unfriend
In the social world there has been a power surge. Power is defined as “work done or energy transferred per unit of time.â€?Social networking sites amplify our social power by increasing the speed with which we can complete “work.â€? [+]
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